Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is The Secret Out On HockeyyInsiderr?!?

HockeyyInsiderr had been going strong lately (despite gaining and paying for thousands of fake followers) and you could almost say he's starting to make Eklund irrelevant. Lots has been said about his "insider work" and even some of the Mainstream Media have gotten involved with HI.

Someone, most likely HI, has created a twitter account to debunk the rumors that's he's not a fake. He claims its his good friend that works at TSN that created that account.

You have to admit, HI is trying really, really hard to make himself look legit. Well... as legit as you can be when your anonymous.

Read this and you could become convinced the guy knows his stuff. Even if he is sticking up for his lies and bullshit.

Sounds pretty convincing hey? I thought so. Yet, if you actually read the tweets, they are very vague. Nothing is ever a set in stone with a tweet. And when he does, he's way off.

Now read this next article and see what a little background check can do for you. This is an excellent article and in my opinion, blows all credibility of the HockeyyInsiderr out of the water. He's not even a man, he's just a 17 year old boy with a lot of time on his hands.

Even though his so called inside information is now realistically proven bull plop, he's still going to have followers and believers. It's a sad reality really. This guy isn't who he says he is, and it goes to show anyone with a twitter account can become an "insider" with a click of a button.

Based on the same subject, read an excellent article by Staze. There is more controversy in the insider business. Rumor Break isn't who he says he is either. At least Rumor Break decided his best course of action was to be honest about who he is an what he does for a living. What's holding HockeyyInsiderr back?


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