Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is The Secret Out On HockeyyInsiderr?!?

HockeyyInsiderr had been going strong lately (despite gaining and paying for thousands of fake followers) and you could almost say he's starting to make Eklund irrelevant. Lots has been said about his "insider work" and even some of the Mainstream Media have gotten involved with HI.

Someone, most likely HI, has created a twitter account to debunk the rumors that's he's not a fake. He claims its his good friend that works at TSN that created that account.

You have to admit, HI is trying really, really hard to make himself look legit. Well... as legit as you can be when your anonymous.

Read this and you could become convinced the guy knows his stuff. Even if he is sticking up for his lies and bullshit.

Sounds pretty convincing hey? I thought so. Yet, if you actually read the tweets, they are very vague. Nothing is ever a set in stone with a tweet. And when he does, he's way off.

Now read this next article and see what a little background check can do for you. This is an excellent article and in my opinion, blows all credibility of the HockeyyInsiderr out of the water. He's not even a man, he's just a 17 year old boy with a lot of time on his hands.

Even though his so called inside information is now realistically proven bull plop, he's still going to have followers and believers. It's a sad reality really. This guy isn't who he says he is, and it goes to show anyone with a twitter account can become an "insider" with a click of a button.

Based on the same subject, read an excellent article by Staze. There is more controversy in the insider business. Rumor Break isn't who he says he is either. At least Rumor Break decided his best course of action was to be honest about who he is an what he does for a living. What's holding HockeyyInsiderr back?


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bobby Ryan On The Move?

Reports have been rampant this past week about Bobby Ryan and where he will be traded to. While I don't have an answer for that, this is what I've found.

He's been linked to the Philadelphia Flyers, Carolina Hurricanes, Pittsburgh Penguins, Buffalo Sabres, New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Colorado Avalanche, Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers and the Detroit Red Wings.

I'm sure one of these teams will raise the stakes and land the talented winger. But it sounds like he won't be moved until Shane Doan signs somewhere first.

This could take a while...


Shane Doan And The Drama That Surrounds Him

It's no secret that the next BIG signing of the off season will be that of Shane Doan.

As of right now, he's made no decision to where he's going to go. He's been rumored to be going to a third of the teams in the league and it's anyone's guess which team he picks in the end.

The main road block in the decision process is what's going to happen with the Coyotes. Greg Jamison is trying to come up with the funds to buy the Phoenix Coyotes from the NHL to keep the team in Phoenix.

As of right now, Jamison and his group are $20 million short. From my understanding they are trying to get those funds as fast as they can before Doan jumps ship.

There has also been the rumor that Jamison was supposed to call/meet with Shane Doan to discuss what is going on with the purchase of the team and also to discuss the future of Doan leading the Coyotes to new heights. Some say that meeting indeed happen and some say it never did.

Rumor also has it, it's possible that Jamison didn't even know he was supposed to call Doan. Has there been a mix up? Is this all just a false rumor?

There has been talk about the dollar amount and the term he's looking for. I've heard he wants a 4 year $30 million deal. That's pretty steep for a guy his age even though he can still put out.

If I'm Shane Doan, I'd be looking at a team that can win the Stanley Cup. Why not go out in style?

But then again... I sure wish he'd come to Edmonton like he said to me last summer (link to article below). Oilers have always been his favorite team and his family lives close by in Halkirk. If he signed here it would make sense. But the Oilers won't pay that kind of money he's reportedly asking for.


There is defiantly no shortage of drama surrounding Doan. Follow our twitter @NHLJambalaya for updates as it unfolds.

As of right now, these are the teams that are linked to Shane Doan and his future home.

- Coyotes
- Flyers
- Predators
- Penguins
- Kings
- Canucks
- Oilers
- Red Wings (reportedly out)
- Canadiens
- Sabres
- Jets
- Blackhawks


Monday, July 23, 2012

Rick Nash Traded To The NYR

Finally after what seems like forever, the Columbus Blue Jackets traded franchise player Rick Nash to the New York Rangers.

CBJ TRADES: Rick Nash, Steve Delisle and a conditional 3rd pick if NYR make finals in 2013.

NYR TRADES: Artem Anisimov, Brandon Dubisnky, Tim Erixon and 2013 1st round pick.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

This and that

I was quite disappointed with the results of the vote in Uniondale. I am a huge admirer of the old Islanders and the 4 cups they won in the eighties. I can imagine that it was hard for Bossy and Nystrom to watch. The Islanders are a once proud franchise. It is a crying shame to see this situation develop.

It is nice to see the Islanders come back to remain loyal to Long Island. The NHL cannot afford to lose this team.

In Calgary there seems to be a feeling that they really did not have a chance at Richards at all; that he had already made up his mind where he was going to play. Several media outlets reported that he was going to New York. What irritated the fans even more was the trading of Regehr to the Sabres. Why would he trade Robyn to make room for Richards? Especially when Richards had no intentions of playing out of New York?

In Nashville, they could not get together with Weber. As a result, they went to arbitration. It cost the Preds $7.5 million. But that was not the real loss; this process really wrecks a lot of relationships. If both parties were saying the right things, it still begs the question: What exactly was the argument used by the Preds? Weber is by far the best dman in the game, and he deserves to be paid. The problem the Preds will have is that next year Weber will have to be qualified again; at you guessed it: $7.5 million.

The other problem the Preds have is two major UFA'S coming up next season. Ryan Sutter and Pekka Rennie could demand major bucks. Especially Ryan, who could demand as much as $6 million a year. It will not be easy to keep all three in Pred sweaters.

Finally, I have to admit I really like the way the Kings are looking. They are really my pick to win the West, as they probably have the best two Centers in Mike Richards and Anze Kopitar. The arbitration could have a dire consequences for the Kings in trying to sign Drew Doughty. I can just see Drew's agent rubbing his hands together over the amount of money that Drew could get.

In New Jersey, the Devils avoided arbitration by signing Zach Parise to a one year contract. They now have the rest of the season to sign a long term deal. They have also avoided the ugly process of arbitration, with all the bickering that goes with it.

Fan Poll question:

How much does Drew Doughty get? And do the Kings actually trade him?

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